Things to do when you Find an Abandoned Pet in your Rental Property

Things to do when you Find an Abandoned Pet in your Rental Property

Today a lot of pets are being abandoned on the streets and in many other places. The case might be different if the pet is left abandoned on the street. But the complication increases if the pets are left alone with no one to take care, in your rental property. If you are the owner of the land, in most cases, you will be held responsible for the safety and life of the abandoned pet. So here are the steps that you have to follow if you find an abandoned pet on your property.

Abandoned Pet

Try to spot the owner:

This is probably the first thing that you will be able to do once you find an abandoned pet on your property. If you are able to locate the owner and hand over the pet to him, this will probably leave with less to no complication. However, if you either can spot the pet’s owner or if the person denies taking care of the pet, then the problems arise. Abandoning a pet in an offense in a lot of places and thereby both the parties will face legal consequences where they are expected to sort the issue.

Ensure Protection:

In the meantime when you are in the pursuit if finding a permanent solution for this abandoned pet, it is important that you ensure proper protection for the pet. Till you find the owner the pet is in your custody and thereby you will be held responsible if anything happens to the pet in the meantime. Also at the same time, you are still a stranger to the pet, and they might act a little indifferent which might lead to risking your own safety. So, ensure your protection as well.

Look out for help:

Out of all the job that we have, taking care of an abandoned pet and looking for its owner and taking care of it is not possible, so the next best option you can settle for is that you can approach the animal control board. The animal control board will help you with whatever is happening with you. You can narrate the incident and leave the pet there. The owner will, later on, be traced by the board and necessary steps will be taken.

Let them handle:

Once you have the authorities in then all the procedures that follow are in most cases legal. There are two things that you have to keep in mind if you have decided to approach the authorities. Make sure that you have taken reasonable care of the pet and protect the life of the pet that was abandoned in your premises. Once the owner gets in touch, you can seek grievance and the expenses refunded as well.

So these are the few things that you have to remember if you find an abandoned pet on your rental property.

Pets are Good for your Health: Top 5 Reasons

Pets are Good for your Health: Top 5 Reasons

Having pets at home is really fun. But apart from the fun factor, there are also a lot of health benefits that people get to enjoy if they have pets at home. So here are top 5 reasons as to why pets are good for your health.


Increased number of years:

A lot of research studies have proven that having pets at home can increase the longevity of the person’s life. It can be any pet and research says that this theory applies even if you have an aquarium at home. The survival rate was better for people who had pets that people who didn’t have one. This is simply because people with pets were happier and content when compared to others who didn’t have one. This is the reason why they lived longer.

Increase in levels of oxytocin:

Oxytocin level is said to increase in our body when we are around pets, especially dogs. Otherwise known as the love hormone or the trust hormone, this oxytocin is said to secrete better when our pets are around us. There is a major increase in the oxytocin level in your body in less than just 30 minutes of playing with your pup. Secretion of oxytocin helps you fight a lot of negative issues such as depression and other psychological problems.

Fights depression:

This is just an extension of the points that are stated earlier. But depression is a major problem that most people face today and thereby it is worth mentioning once again. Playing with your pets can help you fight depression and increases the secured feeling and the feeling of being wanted. Pampering your animals can actually boost your mood and makes you feel better if you have had a long depressing day.

Reduces loneliness:

Most people who are forced to live along due to work and other commitments are found to have pets to kill the feeling of being alone. The feeling of loneliness strikes in when you have nobody around to play and talk to. Now if you have pets at home you can talk to them, play with them and kill time that would otherwise have gone brooding.

Helps with cardiac health:

Walking pets around, pampering them and playing with them can help you with your cardiac issues. If studies are to be believed, people with cardiac issues and pets managed to live quite longer than people who have issues but not pets. One other complication that is closely related to heart is diabetes. Pets can also help their owners fight diabetes. As we saw earlier, since pets can help you fight conditions like depression, pressure and loneliness it can save your heart as well, because these issues are pretty much close to affecting your heart.